Feb 1, 2011

      To fire a cannon, made out of tennis ball containers, with a chemical combustion reaction using ethanol and oxygen.
1. two tennis ball containers
2. a pair of scissors
3. a protractor
4. 18 inch piece of tape
5. a compass
1. Begin by cutting one of the tennis ball containers in half, cut it downwards from the opening of the cap, NOT in through the middle. Cut off the bottom/round edged part of the container. And set those pieces aside.
2. Obtain the second tennis ball container. Do NOT cut this one in half. You must only cut off the round edged bottom. This container will act as the cannon barrel. Cover one of the ends with the cap.
3. Set the barrel horizontal to the ground and align it so that it is at a 45 degree angle.
4. Grab the one of the halves you cut from the first container and cut a circle in it big enough for the barrel to fit through. Use a compass to draw the circle. Make sure the circle has the same circumference as the cap.
5. Place the half on the barrel and adjust it until it is positioned at a 45 degree angle,
6. Use tape to lock the cannon into place.
7. Poke a small hole about 3 mm wide near the bottom of the barrel.

     (To Be Determined)


  1. These instructions were very clear, and that was really good but if you can i would add some pictures.

  2. I like how you formatted this as a lab notebook. You should put the date completed as NEVER.

    This structure really helps clarify the material.

  3. Ahaha, I agree with Zaid ^^
    Oh, AND Khyber! Yeah, I think you need a couple pictures too.
    This was very simple and easy to read.