Feb 2, 2011

Math Component of the Blog

For this part, we were to find the height of the cannon ball and how long it was in the air by using the formula: h = -16t2+v0t+h0. The H represents the final height, the -16 represents the pull of gravity, v0t represents the initial velocity, and h0 represents the initial height.
We were given a problem: “A cannonball is shot upward from the upper deck of a fort with an initial velocity of 192 feet per second.  The deck is 32 feet above the ground.
1.Finding the final height
1st.  plug in our know units into the formula :
2nd. Find the value of t. t represents time, use the formula t=-b/(2a). plug in the units from the above equation.
3rd. t=(-192)/(2*-16)      simply solve.
4th. t= 6 seconds
5th. then after you have the time, you simply insert it back into the original equation in step 1.
            h=-16(6)2+192(6)+32  simply solve once more.
            h=608 feet. 
 This number represents the vertex of the cannonball in mid air. It is the highest point.  This graph is similar to what would occur from a cannon shot. The vertex would be the maximum of the parabola (the round tip), in real life, it would be how high it reaches before gravity pulls it down.
2. Find the time of how long the cannonball is in the air
This process is definitely more time consuming.
1st.  plug in the known units into the formula:
2nd. Create a list of our terms:(this step is not necessary but it just helps organize the information)
            a= -16
            b= 192
            c= 32
3rd. plug all these units properly into the quadratic formula which is:
       -b ±√b2-4ac  Plug in our know units: -192±√(192)2-4(-16)(32)
               2a                                                        2 (-16)
4th. solve what is inside the square root symbol and you should get this:   
5th. do the square root of what is inside the square root symbol:
            -192 ± 197.3
6th. divide -32 into the top numbers and you should get this:
            6  ± -6.17
7th. since we are solving for time; obviously you can’t have a negative time, so you must solve for the answer which is positive. And you should receive an answer of:
           t=12.17 seconds

Imagine that the line on the graph is the trail of the cannonball shot in the air. The ball can only last 12.17 seconds in the air

how high did the cannonball go? 608 ft. 
how long is the cannonball in the air? 12.17 sec.

It looks like this formula could be useful in solving for the initial velocity:
 r= range in legth
g= acceleration of gravity  (meter/second^2)
θ= projection angle

however, this seems simpler:  (speed (ft/sec))cos(launch angle)
I predict the trajectory will be smooth and the cannonball will shoot straight forward

Feb 1, 2011

The English Component of the Cannon Blog

                   In my opinion, the use of weapons for murdering other humans is completely immoral and unethical. In fact, solutions could be peacefully obtained. (although that is more difficult because people want things their own way)
                The weapons used in A Long Way Gone weren’t as destructive as the one in the bombing of Hiroshima and they can’t destroy buildings as easily. However, the AK-47’s that were used in the story are still extremely capable of killing hundreds of innocent people and the bayonets are used to stab people which kill people slower and more painfully. These are weapons which can kill humans and are immoral if used improperly. These weapons had a great impact in the story because they caused Ishmael to be more merciless and angry. This was unethical because the weapon caused a young inexperienced child to wield a weapon and kill. The child would see blood and agony on peoples’ faces and all this is so unnatural for a child to see.
            Using Child soldiers in the war is also very unethical and immoral. This is because they should not be forced to fight in a battle that they didn’t start. They should not have to fight in other people’s wars in which they are not involved.
      To fire a cannon, made out of tennis ball containers, with a chemical combustion reaction using ethanol and oxygen.
1. two tennis ball containers
2. a pair of scissors
3. a protractor
4. 18 inch piece of tape
5. a compass
1. Begin by cutting one of the tennis ball containers in half, cut it downwards from the opening of the cap, NOT in through the middle. Cut off the bottom/round edged part of the container. And set those pieces aside.
2. Obtain the second tennis ball container. Do NOT cut this one in half. You must only cut off the round edged bottom. This container will act as the cannon barrel. Cover one of the ends with the cap.
3. Set the barrel horizontal to the ground and align it so that it is at a 45 degree angle.
4. Grab the one of the halves you cut from the first container and cut a circle in it big enough for the barrel to fit through. Use a compass to draw the circle. Make sure the circle has the same circumference as the cap.
5. Place the half on the barrel and adjust it until it is positioned at a 45 degree angle,
6. Use tape to lock the cannon into place.
7. Poke a small hole about 3 mm wide near the bottom of the barrel.

     (To Be Determined)