Feb 1, 2011

The English Component of the Cannon Blog

                   In my opinion, the use of weapons for murdering other humans is completely immoral and unethical. In fact, solutions could be peacefully obtained. (although that is more difficult because people want things their own way)
                The weapons used in A Long Way Gone weren’t as destructive as the one in the bombing of Hiroshima and they can’t destroy buildings as easily. However, the AK-47’s that were used in the story are still extremely capable of killing hundreds of innocent people and the bayonets are used to stab people which kill people slower and more painfully. These are weapons which can kill humans and are immoral if used improperly. These weapons had a great impact in the story because they caused Ishmael to be more merciless and angry. This was unethical because the weapon caused a young inexperienced child to wield a weapon and kill. The child would see blood and agony on peoples’ faces and all this is so unnatural for a child to see.
            Using Child soldiers in the war is also very unethical and immoral. This is because they should not be forced to fight in a battle that they didn’t start. They should not have to fight in other people’s wars in which they are not involved.


  1. It sounds a bit repetitive, but your point was still a good one, and it explains about Ishmael's relationship with weapons.

  2. I also think that a widespread single violent action could be classified as a WMD, like in "A Long Way Gone".

  3. I agree with your overall opinion. You are right Isai, children should NOT have to fight in someone else's war when they werent apart of it in the first place!