Jan 24, 2011

The Social Impact of Cannons

Throughout history, the development of cannons can benefit one side and hurt the other. A good example of this would be when General Han Shizhong  used the huochong,( a type of cannon/firearm), to capture a city in Fujian. Han Shizhong’s side prospered while Fujian was destroyed. An example of a battle would be the Battle of Huangtiandang. In this battle, Han used the new flame throwing cannon technology and captured the whole city of Jurchen for 40 days. These events help prove that in battles, one side usually prospers while the other is destroyed and that cannons cause more harm than good.

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  1. This was a great example to illustrate your point about how one side can prosper while the other fails

  2. I like this part. I agree 100%. The only suggestion I can make is to elaborate with more examples.

  3. i believe you could have added more personal support to your argument